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At Encrypted Escape, we just released 1 of 3 BRAND NEW outdoor games! Our newly released game is titled Operation: Mindfall, and it is set in a futuristic dystopian world where 20% of the population has been infected by a brand new mind control virus. Learn more about our new game below and schedule your event today!

All bookings are now private experiences!

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Operation: Mindfall

Encrypted Escape’s NEW Outdoor Game!

We are W.I.S.E.: an independent, international intelligence organization, operating at the highest level of secrecy to protect the world from danger. Our sources report that the secret research company, Spider Technologies, has developed a virus for mind control and has already infected 20% of the world population. Whether it be shopping behavior, political attitudes, or even assassinations – people can be influenced against their will. 

Needless to say, this is an incredible power. To stop Spider Tech, we created Operation Mindfall and chose you as our agents. Your task: Obtain the antidote to stop Spider Tech! You only have a limited amount of time – can you do it?







per person

Escape Rate: 49%

Biker's Revenge

An outlaw gang has made their way to Reading. You are working undercover and have finally been left alone in their clubhouse. The time has come to take the evidence to police, but you only have 60 minutes before they come back. Get the evidence and get out – your life depends on it!
It’s 1996 and an outlaw gang has made their way into Reading.  They have caused mayhem everywhere they go for the last 10 years.  Drugs, guns, brawls, etc…if it’s illegal, they have their hand in it. You are part of the local motorcycle club and the police have requested your help to stop this dangerous gang.   For the last 2 years you have been undercover and you have finally been left alone in their club. The time has come to take the evidence to police, but you only have 60 minutes before they come back.

The police will be waiting to help you, but they can’t do anything without evidence.  Get the evidence and get out… FAST! 

**Please Note! This room contains a finale of flashing lights. Those with a sensitivity to light should be advised.**

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More Outdoor Games Coming Soon

Check back later to see our new outdoor games that we will be releasing soon!