Make Your Next Party an Escape Room Experience

Want to spice up your upcoming party? Book an escape room with Encrypted Escape Room! Regardless if you have been to an escape room or if you are a rookie, the four rooms we offer are sure to make your next event a hit! Working against the clock, you and your group (10 max, 12 children) will have to work together to make it out in an hour. Fun for everyone Now you might be asking yourself, “why an escape room?” The better…

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Spring Break Team Building

It can be hard to find a good time for team building exercises. Depending on your industry, spring break could be just the moment you’ve been waiting for! Our escape rooms are open year-round for gamers of all ages and skill levels. We also offer corporate rates to cater specifically for work team building days! Spring Break Timing After a winter locked up at the office, it’s good to let your brains stretch their confined curiosities and do something other than stare at…

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Have a Thrilling Valentine’s Day

Image Text: Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a special someone or opting for a Galentine's Day going out with your best gal pals, a thrilling escape room experience is a great way to have a meaningful and unique Valentine's day! Escape rooms can be the perfect date night idea because they offer a unique experience while also helping to strengthen your relationships and friendships. With such a unique idea, you’ll be making great memories that will last a long time. If you’re…

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Our 2023 Encrypted Recap

2022 was another year full of new experiences, teamwork, and successful escapes. As we look forward to 2023, we recap the past year while gearing up for the new year ahead. 2022 Recap This year we’re celebrating five years of escape rooms in West Reading, and for a celebration we’re recapping all we’ve been through this year! In 2022, we added a brand new escape room experience. Galactic War is a slick, visually alluring take on an alien spaceship theme in an efficiently…

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Gift Adventure

Image Text: Give the gift of adventure with Encrypted Escape Room experiences. At Encrypted Escape, you and your team are in for a fun, interactive escape room experience. Our puzzles and clues are harmoniously paired to the theme of the game for a true immersive experience. All our experiences are ideal for any celebration, family night out, corporate outing, and more. Ask us about gifting an escape experience today!

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Escape Together With An Escape Room Date

Let’s set the scene. You’ve met a special person and your first date was a huge success. What’s a great idea for a second meeting? An escape room date! Escape Room Dates While not ideal for a first date, a second date is perfect for an escape room experience. As a first date, escape rooms may provide too much pressure and make the first meeting stressful, discouraging either party to feel chemistry while instead feeling precious minutes slipping away. By the second date…

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Team Building

Image Text: Looking to try something outside the box for your next team building activity? Our escape games are a great way to escape the office for some fun while working on your team building skills. Teams that work well together are more effective, more productive, and more successful! Our escape room challenges help develop important team building skills in a fun, engaging way. For managers, the escape room experience can also expose the strengths and weaknesses of team members—vital information to make…

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