Our Escape Rooms

At Encrypted Escape, you and your team are in for a fun, interactive escape room experience. Our puzzles and clues are all tied to the theme of the game for a true immersive experience. You work as a team and race against the clock to complete your mission and try to escape! Escape games are perfect for a night out with friends, corporate team building event, birthday parties or family night out!

All bookings are now private experiences! 

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Escape Rate: 51%

Viking Raid

The Vikings are taking over Europe. They have conquered your town and you are their prisoner. They are now on their way to York. You overheard them say they will invade York in 60 minutes. You have just enough time to escape and warn York of the impending attack. Hurry!
For centuries the Vikings have ruled the seas of Northern Europe, pillaging and plundering and now England is next. It is the fall of 866 and the Vikings, led by Ivar the Boneless, are planning an attack on unsuspecting York.   King Ivar’s army is 6000 strong with  270 ships.  If York is taken, the rest of England will fall under Viking rule. Your town of Scarborough was ransacked yesterday and along with the other captured, you’ll be sold as slaves. They are now on their way to York.  You must find a way to escape and get word of the impending Viking Raid to York.

This is England’s last chance to repel the Vikings and for you to get  your freedom back. We overheard the soldiers say that the attack would commence in 60 minutes.  You must hurry!

**Please Note! This room contains a finale of flashing lights and low lighting. Those with a sensitivity to light should be advised.**

Escape Rate: 49%

Biker's Revenge

An outlaw gang has made their way to Reading. You are working undercover and have finally been left alone in their clubhouse. The time has come to take the evidence to police, but you only have 60 minutes before they come back. Get the evidence and get out – your life depends on it!
It’s 1996 and an outlaw gang has made their way into Reading.  They have caused mayhem everywhere they go for the last 10 years.  Drugs, guns, brawls, etc…if it’s illegal, they have their hand in it. You are part of the local motorcycle club and the police have requested your help to stop this dangerous gang.   For the last 2 years you have been undercover and you have finally been left alone in their club. The time has come to take the evidence to police, but you only have 60 minutes before they come back.

The police will be waiting to help you, but they can’t do anything without evidence.  Get the evidence and get out… FAST! 

**Please Note! This room contains a finale of flashing lights. Those with a sensitivity to light should be advised.**

Escape Rate: 36%

The Last Vampire

For years, paranormal hunters have tried to eradicate the unearthly existence of the vampire.  You have joined the hunt and now stand in the shadow of Bran Castle, home of The Last Vampire. Find the fiend responsible for so much death, and end his dark domain once and for all.  Darkness falls in 60 minutes…hurry! 

For centuries, the poor town of Berchtesgaden, Bavaria has been terrorized by Astaroth, the Last Known Vampire. Benjamin Van Calson, the bravest Vampire Hunter in all the land, was the town’s only hope at destroying this bloody-thirsty villain. However, Benjamin met his demise at the hands of Astaroth in 1809 and his stake is said to be on display within the walls of Bran Castle, the Vampire’s evil lair.

It is now the fall of 1821 and the little town of Berchtesgaden’s population is shrinking by the day, as The Vampire picks them off one by one for his nightly feast. With hope dwindling, they have summoned you, Bavaria’s smartest paranormal hunters, to help infiltrate Bran Castle and destroy the Vampire forever.

It is your mission, with the aid of the servants forever trapped inside, to find Astaroth’s four weaknesses and retrieve Benjamin’s beloved stake in order to destroy this creature forever and save the town from extinction. Night falls in 60 minutes and Astaroth will awaken for his next feeding! Hurry!**

**Please Note! This room contains a finale of flashing lights, dark ambiance, and intense jump scares. Those with heart conditions, pregnant, or other serious medical issues should be advised.**


The Galactic War:

The Invasion of the Xarnai

Spanning across the universe, a dangerous alien race, known as the Xarnai, has threatened the existence of all life. The Pax Infinitum has selected you as the most elite warriors for a vital mission. Extract the Xarnai Energy Core by infiltrating their Mothership unnoticed, cutting their communications, depleting their fuel resources and disarming their defenses. Complete your mission and you will have successfully saved mankind and beyond!