Looking to try something different for your next team building activity?  Encrypted Escape Rooms are a great way to escape the office and develop team building skills.

Escape Rooms and Team Building

An escape room can be an engaging and exciting way for people in new teams to get to know each other. They’re also ideal for existing teams that work well, to improve their communication, collaboration, and decision making skills. They can also be a good way for a team to rehearse the team’s response to high-stakes situations and challenging times – testing their problem solving skills in a bind. Outside of the all seeing eye of management, teams can freely use their creativity to promote bonding and new solutions to similar problems they may encounter in a real-world work situation. Escape room games are more demanding than other team-building games in the sense that it challenges the players to think proactively and work together to achieve a common goal and under a tight time constraint.

Other Benefits of Escape Rooms

Beside being a great team building tool, escape rooms are surprisingly affordable with a large option of themes and difficulty levels to choose from. Escape rooms expose strengths and weaknesses in a team that will aid everyday tasks in an uncertain and unfamiliar environment, preparing your team for future challenges. Escape rooms also aid in manifesting leadership skills. To cover more areas of the room and solve puzzles quickly, a team needs a leader who will delegate tasks or split them up into pairs. The aim is to cover more ground and find clues faster. Because not all groups are well-oiled machines, one will feel the need to step up and take charge. This act will reveal the member who has hidden leadership skills that can be used even in the corporate setting.

goth Team Building escape room

Escape room team-building activities really have a lot to offer its players. Right from improving existing skills to character growth, to boosting company morale, your team-building will surely be fruitful if done in an escape room. At Encrypted Escape Room, we offer a variety of themes and difficulties to fit any team building getaway. From a thrilling viking raid to a futuristic space exploration war emergency, we have a great theme for everyone!

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