Want to spice up your upcoming party? Book an escape room with Encrypted Escape Room! Regardless if you have been to an escape room or if you are a rookie, the four rooms we offer are sure to make your next event a hit! Working against the clock, you and your group (10 max, 12 children) will have to work together to make it out in an hour.

Fun for everyone

Now you might be asking yourself, “why an escape room?” The better answer is “why not,” as the pros of having an escape room based party are plentiful. While of course the obvious answer is the sheer fun of working together with your friends and family, there is also the fact that everyone gets involved! So there is no need to feel left out, as everyone will need to put their heads together in order to escape our rooms! This means that not only will the guest of honor have a memorable time, but so will the rest of their guests! In real time, relationships will be strengthened, as there is no “I” in “team.”

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The excitement of this challenge can be found throughout our four different rooms, each with a different theme (that way you can come back again for a new challenge). We currently offer Viking Raid, Biker’s Revenge, The Last Vampire, & The Galactic War. No matter which you choose, your party will be a memorable one with Encrypted Escape Room! Interested in having an event here? Give us a call at 610-743-3041 or visit our contact page to get in touch with us!

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