After working at an escape room for almost two years now, you see some pretty clever and sometimes just plain weird ways our customers try to escape. We have tons of customers weekly who are very new to the escape room concept and because of this, we have to be pretty explicit with the “Do’s and Don’ts” of our rooms.

One of our most memorable escape room experiences: We had a lovely group of ladies playing our Biker’s Revenge Room for team building. They were running out of time, but managed to make it to the final puzzle. Upon reading the clue, they instantly thought the answer was “music”. They turned to a list of songs we have framed on a wall. There was a moment of pause, and all of a sudden, they all attacked the poster and ripped through it like a kid tearing through a present on Christmas Day. Once they realized what they had done (and heard us sounding the alarm to stop what they were doing) they busted up laughing for a good minute. They did not make it out, but had a really good time.

That Time When... 3

For everyone that giggles at us when we say, “You don’t have to go into the ceiling tiles, touch the electrical outlets, rip anything off the walls, etc” now you know why. 😁

Want to hear more? Click the link below to read a Buzzfeed article highlighting some of the greatest maneuvers some customers have used to try and “escape” at other escape rooms across the world.

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