Let’s set the scene. You’ve met a special person and your first date was a huge success. What’s a great idea for a second meeting? An escape room date!

Escape Room Dates

While not ideal for a first date, a second date is perfect for an escape room experience. As a first date, escape rooms may provide too much pressure and make the first meeting stressful, discouraging either party to feel chemistry while instead feeling precious minutes slipping away. By the second date you already supposedly know something about your new beau to be and you can put them through a bit of a stress test.

Escape Room Date

Benefits Of An Escape Room Date

Some dating experts will tell you to judge your date by how they treat waitstaff to determine what your date is really like, but an escape room is a great time to put your date under some friendly pressure and see how they truly behave. Escape rooms require trust and communication, don’t break the bank, are a great time, and are an exciting adrenaline rush of a time. There’s no better way to gauge how they perform under pressure than to force him/her to solve puzzles with a 60-minute time constraint. Are they calm, cool, and collected? Or do they crack under pressure? Is that even important to you in a relationship? Sometimes, and often for some people– relationships hit rocky roads. An escape room can provide valuable insight if the person you’re with is life-long material.

Additionally, escape room dates are a great way to impress your date by showing them how nerdy and smart you are, or see if they can match your own levels. You’ll never be at a lack for words since you’re actively doing an activity together and it’s a great way to get into meaningful conversation. Instead of asking a barrage of boring questions and talking about the weather, why not start off with something like “you start on that side of the room, I’ll start on this side, tell me if you find any clues.”

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